DMS Family Emails

January 27, 2023

Dear DMS Families,


I had a student ask me today if we can go back to just sweatshirts at recess since it is almost spring. 😊 The weather definitely has us on our toes. We require pants and jackets at recess. We do take a look at the weather each day and on those warmer days we have allowed students with only sweatshirts to go out. Regardless of the call of the day, students know to bring jackets to lunch unless notified that jackets are not required.


Counseling Office:

Please see the attached Newsletter from the DMS School Counseling Office.


Read-a-Thon 2023 is up and reading, uh.. running! Our students have already started collecting donations and amassing minutes read. Check out the top classes so far ...

Top Class Money Raised: Mrs. Taipan - $390.00

Top Class Reading Minutes: Ms. Doremus – 3303


If you have not already done so, please click on this link to activate your reader’s personal page:


School Dance:

7th and 8th grades will have a dance on the evening of February 10th. The dance is from 7:00-9:00pm at the middle school. Tickets will be sold in school on the week of the dance. If your 7th or 8th grader attends, please be sure to be here on time and pick up on time. We use the cafeteria doors from entrance into the dance.


Color Club Fundraiser Information:

Did you know? 52% of LGBTQ+ students that considered dropping out reported hostile school environment as their reason.  42% of LGBTQ+ youth seriously considered attempting suicide in the past year.  The Color Club, DMS’s Gay-Straight Alliance, aims to foster an inclusive and supportive environment for any student who needs it!  Here’s an opportunity for them to show their pride!  Use the link below to support the Color Club fundraiser and get your own- first of its kind- DMS Pride Gear!


Have a wonderful weekend.


Kim Lyndes

DMS Principal

Repeated Information 


Please use the links below to access membership forms and the meeting schedule. Please join and attend meetings! We love to have parents actively engaged with the PTA.

22-23 PTA Membership Form

22-23 PTA Meeting Schedule


DMS PTA Amazon Smile

DMS PTA AmazonSmile How-To


Tutoring Information for Grades 6-8

Attached is a resource for tutoring for all 6-8 graders. This is a free resource. If needed, this is a great option for additional instruction through an online tutor. Directions and detailed information are on the flyer.

Engage NH

Please review the attached letter from the Superintendent and informational flyers regarding ENGAGE NH.


Yearbooks are on sale!  Be sure to order by 3/3 to guarantee your child’s yearbook this year. We will not be ordering any extras for selling at the end of the year. Order your 2023 yearbook at:

Yearbooks cost $33 which can be paid in full when you place your order or in 3 monthly installments of $11.


We wish Yearbook Staff could attend every DMS game and event.  Unfortunately, it just isn’t possible.  If you have pictures of your child participating in school events (sports teams, Pumpkin Dash, etc) that you would like to share with the yearbook, please email them to [email protected]We are currently in need of pictures from Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, and Volleyball.



School starts at 7:30 and the expectation is for all students to be in the classrooms when the 7:30 bell rings. Students should be inside the building by 7:25 to ensure they are on time. We appreciate families supporting us on this expectation. Traffic is not a reason for a student to be tardy. Please plan ahead if you drop off your student by vehicle, if they ride the bus, or if they walk. In every scenario, we need students here on time to start the day. Late students miss important information and are not ready for learning with their peers.


If your student is chronically tardy, we will be reaching out to speak to you personally. We will follow our handbook for tardy infractions. Students get 4 free tardy days. They are not supposed to be used unless necessary. Let’s face it, all of us have an off morning here and there. Four free tardy days is very generous. On the fifth tardy, students will be issued an after-school detention. They will receive a detention every tardy after that. On time attendance is important and required.


End 68 Hours of Hunger

The Dover schools partner with End 68 Hours of Hunger to provide food for the weekends to the students who need it in our schools.  The program provides students with a bag of nutritional, simple meals each Thursday afternoon. Parents may sign their student up at any point during the school year. 


If you have questions or would like your student to participate in the 68 Hours program, please contact Cait Fogg at [email protected]  or 603-516-7212. After you call the school to sign your student up, you may also register to receive grocery gift cards mailed to your home at  


School Supplies

Our school counseling office has backpacks and school supplies for any student who may need them. Parents should call or email their grade level counselor and we will make sure the student gets what they need.

5th Cal Marsden

[email protected]


6th Cait Fogg

[email protected]


7th Joan Breault

[email protected]


8th Mary Calhoun

[email protected]