5th Grade – Info/Lyrics for I Choose Love.


A reminder about the opportunity for all of our fifth grade students to be a part of Scarlett Lewis’ Choose Love Movement program at DHS next Tuesday, Oct. 8 in the auditorium. Community Partners of NH is hosting the event. Scarlett Lewis, founder of the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement will be speaking to the community. Her son Jesse was murdered in his first grade classroom at Sandy Hook Elementary School, and she’ll be telling her story and speaking about the Choose Love Movement. This event is free and open to our entire community.

All fifth grade students have been learning a song called I Choose Love and have been invited to be part of this event to share this beautiful message in song. It is a great connection to the theme of the evening’s program. The presentation is from 7:00 to 8:30. The fifth graders will sing at the beginning of the event. We encourage our fifth grade students (and parents) to attend this special performance. Please bring him/her to the main entrance of DHS at 6:45. Volunteers will meet them and direct them to the DHS chorus room which is behind the auditorium stage. They’ll go on stage and sing at 7:00 and return to the chorus room. Parents, please join us for Ms. Lewis’ presentation as she has an inspirational story and compelling information about social and emotional learning. Due to the sensitive nature of the presentation, we have arranged for child care (by our very own DHS Interact Students) during her presentation, at DHS. If you will be attending the entire program, your child will be taken care of by our volunteers until the end at 8:30. If you’re not able to stay for the entire program, you can pick up your child back stage in the music wing after they sing. There is no particular dress for the evening other than to request, please no jeans (ripped or complete ;) and t-shirts. The local media will be there and our performance will be taped. 


Feel free to email Jeff Leaf if you have any questions. j.leaf@dover.k12.nh.us