DMS Drama Club Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Online Ticket Sales

Tickets to all four performances of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang are now on sale. You can purchase all of the seats you want online using the link and directions below. Please pass this info on to family and friends and anyone else that may want to join us. Thank you.




At the site you’ll see:

Dover Middle School

Current Events

CCBB logo

Show Dates


Click on “Show Dates”

Pick the date you want and click on it.

A seating chart pops up. Select the seats you want by clicking the actual seat squares and then choose adult/child depending, and click “add to cart”

If you’re buying for more than one performance, at this point click on “current events” and select another date, and follow the same procedure.

When you’re done with all seats and all dates, click “Checkout”

Select shipping method as “email” and the fees go away. It defaults on a mail option which has the fees.

Click “checkout” again and it’ll ask for some basic customer info. Enter email and name.

Click “pay with card” and enter CC info.

Once done, they’ll email you a download to access and print your tickets.

Enjoy the show!