Creative Writing Home

Creative Writing is a 5th grade related art.  Each 5th grade classroom participates in Creative Writing for one quarter of the school year.  This year in Creative Writing, our focus is fractured fairy tales.  You'll learn how to identify the elements of a fairy tale, discover what makes a fractured fairy tale "fractured", and even get to write one of your own!
Remote Learning March 23rd-April 3rd
During this remote learning period, students will have options in a "menu" format to choose from. There are nine "May-Do" options and two "Must-Do" options.  They should choose four "May-Do" options and one "Must-Do" to complete.  All work can be found and submitted through your student's Google Classroom.  Your student should have received an invitation in their @sau11 email-if they did not, they may use the following class codes to join the appropriate course:
Taipan (Day 1/2): beya5mg
Wotton (Day 3/4): j2mdg6u
Horvath (Day 5/6): 6ixihpo
If your student is unable to access the internet and you need a paper copy of materials and have not received one by March 23rd, please let me know.  If you have any questions during this period of remote learning, do not hesitate to reach out at or I will also be checking my voicemail remotely, and can be reached at (603) 516-1605.