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Welcome to the Dover Middle School Band.  We recognize the many options students and parents have when considering educational opportunities here at DMS and would like to thank you for making band part of your learning this year. I am energized and thankful for the opportunity to work with such incredible young people.  DMS Music has the tradition of a quality program with a rich musical history and we are very excited about building and continuing to celebrate that fine tradition. 
Band is a year long course designed to provide students with an enriching and diverse instrumental music education by performing music of various genres and time periods. The class will perform two to three concerts during the year to demonstrate their learning. The daily objective of the course is to foster and promote music growth through the playing of an instrument by the student, at an appropriate level of difficulty. Band is not like other classes nor are they exactly like team sports or clubs. Instead, they possess characteristics of both: (a) music classes are similar to other classes in that there are concepts and skills that must be learned through a definite curriculum, and (b) they are similar to team sports in that success depends on all individuals performing their parts and relating with others as teammates in a cooperative and supportive spirit. 

2019-20 Rehearsal Schedule

All Band and Chorus Rehearsals are during your child’s grade level encore time. Each ensemble meets 6 times out of each 6 day cycle.  Students in both band and chorus will have their choral rehearsal on Day 5 & 6 

Instrumental Lessons for 5th and 6th Grade occur during General Music Class Time.

6th Grade ……11:00 - 11:30 
5th Grade…….11:35 - 12:05 
8th Grade…….12:10 - 12:40
7th Grade…….12:45 – 1:15

New/Beginner Student Lessons................Monday through Friday during SSR...7:35-8:05  Runs October through December

 After school/evening ensemble rehearsal schedule

Jazz Band…................Wednesday 6:15PM-7:15PM  
Jazz Sectionals...……..2:20-2:50:  Monday-Trumpets, Tuesday - Saxes Wednesday - Rhythm, Thursday - Trombones


DMS Performance Schedule



10/19/2019           Dover Band Show

                             Dunaway Field 6-9PM


11/15/2019           5-8 Bands field trip to the

       UNH Band Extravaganza


12/10/2019           DMS/DHS  7th – 12th Grade

       Chorus Concert
       DHS Auditorium – 7:00PM


12/11/2019           DMS 6th Grade

       Band and Chorus Concert
       DHS Auditorium – 7:00PM


12/17/2019           DMS/DHS 7th – 12th Grade

                             Band Concert

                             DHS Auditorium – 7:00PM


1/22/2020             DMS 5th Grade

       Band and Chorus Concert

       DHS Auditorium – 7:00PM


3/24/2020             DMS 6th – 8th Grade

       Band and Chorus Concert
       DHS Auditorium – 7:00PM



4/2 – 4/5                DMS Musical


5/19/2020             Grade 4/5

       Choral Concert

       DHS Auditorium – 7:00PM



5/20/2020             Grade 4/5

       Band Concert

       DHS Auditorium – 7:00PM


6/4/2020                Jazz in the Park

                              Jazz Band

                              Rotary Arts Pavilion – 7:00PM


6/11/2020             DMS 6-8

                             Band and Chorus Concert

       DHS Auditorium – 7:00PM