The New Snack Shack!

Mrs. Calhoun and Principal Lynde's 8th Grade Advisory ,in partnership with a great group of 5th graders organized by Mrs. Lent, have created what is known as the Snack Shack. The idea behind the Snack Shack is to try to reduce the amount of edible food that is thrown out and provide snacks and drinks for students who may need a little more at lunch.

The students have set up a table in the cafeteria at Dover Middle School with 3 bins on it; one for fruit, one for drinks and one for pre-packaged snacks. Any student who has left overs that fit into one of these categories, may leave their snack/drink in one of the bins. Then, any student who may still be hungry/thirsty at lunch time, may take an item from the bins. The students will also be monitoring the bins for the first week to help explain the process. Leftovers will be brought to the nurse's office at the end of each day.