Extra Credit Example

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Title of Article (and author):

Preventing Frog-sicles by Meghan Rosen                                                     _

Source of Article (tell where you found this article):


  1. Write 5 or more sentences summarizing what you read in the article. Use your own words.

    Every winter the bodies of Alaskan wood frogs actually freeze. Their bodies are 2/3 water and this water freezes when the temperature goes below freezing.  Scientists investigated wood frogs to learn how they can survive having their bodies freeze and thaw every year.  The scientists learned that the very little ice forms on the frogs’ skin and muscles. They also discovered that the frogs’ blood and tissues have a high level of sugar, urea, and an unidentified chemical. These substances lower the frogs’ freezing point in the same way antifreeze prevents the water in the radiator of a car from freezing.


  2. How does this event affect the world? OR How does this event have a positive or negative impact? Write 5 or more sentences stating your point of view.

I am glad scientists found out what prevents the bodies of wood frogs from freezing. If scientists can figure out the unidentified chemical in the body of frogs, they may be able to make this chemical in the lab. They can then create a special anti-freezing concoction that could be tested to see if it is safe for other animals. The anti-freezing concoction could be given to endangered animals that struggle to survive in cold climates. Who knows, perhaps humans will one day be able to use this same anti-freezing concoction. We would be able to live in unheated homes, have snowball fights without needing coats and gloves, and perhaps even explore and colonize extremely cold planets.