Extra Credit

Bellamy Science Extra Credit

Each student may submit one extra credit worksheet per week.

You will receive a “Bellamy Science Bonus Points” coupon worth 5 points.

Attach one coupon to any one assignment (test, quiz, lab, etc.) to add 5 extra points.  


  • Read an article involving one of the many aspects of science (genetics, health, plants, animals, the environment, physical science, chemistry, physics, space, etc.)
  • Make sure the article is current news that has been published within the past month.
  • Complete a typed or neatly written extra credit worksheet including:
    • Five or more sentences summarizing what was read in the article in the student's own words.
    • Five or more sentences expressing the student's point of view or opinion about how the event affects the world and/or how it may have a positive/negative impact.
    • Be sure to fill in the information at the top of the extra credit worksheet identifying the article read.

Extra credit worksheets are available in the classroom and on the Stark Science website.

Suggested sources: