Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures Sport Girl.pngDress Code for PE/Activity Classes

Grades 5-8 All students are required to wear sneakers.

Grades 5 & 6 Students do not change for activity classes but should wear comfortable clothes for movement.

Grades 7 & 8 All students are required to change for activity classes. Sweatpants or shorts of appropriate length and crew- neck t-shirts with sleeves are the expected attire.  Time will be given at the beginning and end of class for changing.  
DMS gym uniforms are available for students to borrow if they come unprepared (see "Grading" below).

Graded A.png Grading

Students receive a grade every day their class has Wellness. Students may earn up to 10 points per class with the potential of earning bonus on most days.  The report card will be the percentage earned from the daily grades from every class meeting during that grading period.  Any Wellness class missed (absence, injury, etc.) must be made up or they average into the grade as a zero.  Make-up Worksheets are available in the PE offices and online.

Student expectations to achieve full 10 point value include:
PARTICIPATION: students are expected to participate in class to the best of their ability, every day.  If a student is unable to participate review the Medical Policy below.  Any student excused from class participation must complete a make-up assignment.
ATTIRE: Wellness is a participation subject.  Please review the dress code listed above. Inappropriate attire or not being prepared will have an affect on the daily grade. If students in Grade 7 & 8 borrow a school gym uniform points will be taken off the daily grade in the following manner per quarter.  1st offense - no loss of points, 2nd offense- best possible score is an 8, 3rd offense- best possible score is a 6. For any further offenses students will sit out of activity and receive a zero for the day. 
PUNCTUALITY: Students must be in class and in their assigned position on time.
ATTITUDE: Appropriate behavior, cooperation and adherence to all school rules are expected.  We believe is providing an environment where the focus is on encouraging others, not discouraging others.

 Student Desk.png        Absence Policy

Students who are absent from class for reasons other than a school related activity must complete the Wellness Make-up Worksheet.  Please note that if a Health class is missed a teacher may assign make-up work missed pertaining to the subject matter that was taught the day of the absence.  Until the missing assignment is returned to the assigned Wellness teacher the daily grade will hold a value of zero.

Nurse.png Medical Policy

Doctor Notes  are required for students being excused from activity     classes for any length of time. They should be given to the school     nurse who will refer them to the appropriate teacher.  A Make-up         Worksheet must be completed and turned for the daily grade.

Parent Notes are required for students when a student may need to     sit out from an activity class due to minor illness or injury. These     may not be repetitive in nature.  An alternative written assignment     will be completed during the class period for the student's daily     grade.

**Please keep in mind that in most cases we can alter/adapt the lesson to allow the student to participate in a limited capacity.