7 Hilton Language Arts

7 Hilton Language Arts
Mrs. Conrad & Mr. Graham
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Welcome to 7 Hilton Language Arts!
Mr. Graham and I are excited to
welcome you into the new year!

We are so excited to have our new year underway!
We are currently working on various types of
figurative language, sensory details, and creating imagery for the reader.
Here is a website which may help you to study!

We will be studying the parts of speech!
These links may help you:




Our current vocabulary involves a variety of literary terms and devices used in writing. We will continue to work with the terms from the beginning of the month, and we have added a few new ones to our list.
simile, metaphor, personification, alliteration, hyperbole,
sensory details, imagery, figurative language,
idiom, analogy, narrative nonfiction, mood, genre, and more!



Our UPCOMING Fall Poetry Assignment:

Have you asked your child about his or her autumn poem? 
What kind of artwork is he/she doing to accompany the poem?
Ask your child about the salmon colored guideline sheet for this assignment.
Due Date and Details to follow!

Helpful links:



Calling all Challenge Chasers!

Need a challenge?  Need a few extra points on your next test or writing project? Click Below!  Copies can also be found in the back of our classroom.

Challenge Chaser 1.docx
Challenge Chaser 2.docx

How is your choice book going? 

Are you noticing how the author developed the characters in your book?
What figurative language did you notice in your choice book?
Why did the author use these techniques?

Sully and Gizmo, my fur babies. :)

Soon, we will be working on the parts of speech.  Here are some notes from last year regarding how to study, etc. (this info might be interesting for you to look at as you think about this year, etc.)


  1.  Review demonstrative adjectives
  2. Review articles (adjectives)
  3. Review proper adjectives
  4. Review all of the sentences you have labeled in class. Copy some sentences onto a separate piece of paper and quiz yourself. Check your answers. Practice labeling, etc.
  5. There were certain “reminders” from class which we wrote in our notes related to adjectives.  What were they?  Find them. Review them.
  6. Review proper/common nouns. What is the difference between concrete and abstract nouns?  What are the word endings which may indicate a “possible abstract noun?”
  7. What are the jobs a noun can do?
  8. What is a preposition?  Review all prep notes. 
  9. What are the prepositions which do not follow the “squirrel and tree” rule?
  10. Which parts of your notes did you put “stars” beside?
  11. Practice circling prepositions, underlining prep. phrases, and labeling OP.

    Copy examples of the packet or notes onto a blank piece of paper.  Practicing labeling.  Go back and check how you did…..

  12. Look at the examples where you practicing finding nouns, adjectives, and prepositions “all together.” Look at those paragraphs.  (those are the tricky ones.)
  13. What is a compound sentence?  Be sure you can write one and punctuate it correctly!
  14. Look at your quiz…..what careless errors did you make?  Learn from those mistakes.
  15. What questions do you have?  What’s tricky? Write down your questions! 
  16. Go back and decide what was the most tricky for you.  Study that content the most!
  17. One last test review Thursday after school!